Multifunction Controller,Pixsys,Electronics,ATR400Multifunction Controller,Pixsys,Electronics,ATR400Multifunction Controller,Pixsys,Electronics,ATR400Multifunction Controller,Pixsys,Electronics,ATR400Multifunction Controller,Pixsys,Electronics,ATR400

Multifunction Controller Pixsys Electronics ATR400


Multifunction controller (three-setpoints) size 48x96mm with frontal extraction. One analog input configurable for thermocouples J, K, S, R, PT100, NI100, linear signals 0...10V, 0…20mA, 4...20mA. Double display to visualize both setpoint and process value. One input for amperometric transformer 50 mA is available as Loop Break Alarm for load control.

2 or 3 relay outputs (see ordering codes) for control and alarm functions (band, deviation general alarm). 1 command output as relay/ SSR or 4..20mA /0..10V (retransmission process or setpoint also selectable). Manual control of output percentage available with LED signal on display. Command output configurable as ON/OFF, PID-Autotuning, open loop for  motorised valves Open/Close. Digital input for switch of setpoint (setpoint1-setpoint2) and inputs block.

Serial communication RS485 with protocol MODBUS-RTU with LED signal for remote control and possibility to visualize on-line all configuration parameters.

Memory Card for quick and error-free configuration of serial productions.

Multifunction Controller,Pixsys,Electronics,ATR400

Ideal Application

Plastic extrusion
Injection moulding
Food industry
Single/Multiloop applications

Technical data

SIZE: 48x96(frontal) x135 mm
POWER SUPPLY: 12/24Vac (internal switch), 115/230Vac (internal switch)
DISPLAY: Dual, 4 green Digits, 8 red leds
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 0-45 °C , 39...95rH%
INPUTS: 1 selectable for TC K, J, S, R, PT100, NI100,  0...10V, 0/4..20mA
DIGITAL INPUT: 1 selectable for Loc/Rem/Alarm
ATR400-12XX : 3 relays 8A-resistive + SSR 12v-50mA
ATR400-11XX : 2 relays 8A-resistive + SSR 12v-50mA + 4..20mA/0..10V
SEALING: IP54 Frontal, IP30 Box, IP20 Terminal blocks
SERIAL communication RS485, MODBUS-RTU
CONFIGURATION: parameters protected by password
Memory Card for quick configuration


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