Pulsotronic, Pulsotronic SensorsPulsotronic, Pulsotronic SensorsPulsotronic, Pulsotronic SensorsPulsotronic, Pulsotronic SensorsPulsotronic, Pulsotronic Sensors

Pulsotronic, Inductive Sensors, Capacitive Sensors,
Magnetoresistive Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Optical Sensors,
Laser Sensors, Touch Sensors

Pulsotronic, Pulsotronic SensorsPulsotronic, Pulsotronic Sensors, a subsidiary company of SKS Holding GmbH, is a worldwide active supplier of sensor technology and electric components for automation and automotive. According to our motto "Everything from one source - to your advantage." we stand for a broad programm of innovation and modern technology.

Pulsotronic, Pulsotronic Sensors sensor program offers a great variety of different types and designs. We are a specialists in realizing customized products and integrating them in existing applications.

Sensors and systems from Pulsotronic, Pulsotronic Sensors are used for control, switch or registration tasks in various industrial fields. Amongst others they are applied in conveying systems, printing machines, packaging machines, machine tools or in agricultural machinery.

For industrial image processing we provide a large range of components and systems, whatever your requirements may be. Pulsotronic, Pulsotronic Sensors project engineers will develop complex image processing systems with periphery connection. In collaboration with our sister company Pulsotronic, Pulsotronic Sensors-Anlagentechnik GmbH we realize applications combining sensor technology with image processing and foreign body detection.

The quality management of Pulsotronic, Pulsotronic Sensors is certified according to ISO 9001 since 2001. Environmental awareness and environmental protection are major constituents of our management. On July the 20th 2007 the environmental management was certified according to ISO 14001:2004. Aiming at achieving an environmental conscious manufacturing we constantly record environmental impacts and improve production processes.

Pulsotronic, Pulsotronic Sensors develops and manufactures:

operate, position and  control processes of the automation technology.

Application range:

  • Control
  • Measurement
  • Monitoring
  • Position

detect even smallest variations in magnetic fields.

Application range:

  • Detect directions and distances on plungers
  • Measure revolution

use Light to detect objects on the basis of form, dimension, distance, colour, brightness and luminescence.

Application range:

  • Detect
  • Classify
  • Monitoring
  • Position

are mechanical high-precision switches.

Application range:

  • Dedication in measuring machine
  • Limit switch
  • Tool-break control

detect metallic and non-metallic objects in solid or liquid state.

Applicaton range:

  • Level measurement
  • Detection
  • Position
  • Counting

detect solid or fluid targets on great distances.

Application ranges:

  • Fill level controls
  • Instance distance measurements
  • Collision protection
  • Attendance check

allow through the arbitrage ot the laser light the increase of the optical output/power.

Application range:

  • Capture lowest parts
  • Accurate distanc-measuring
  • Measuring of objects
  • Exact positioning

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