Warren Rupp® SA and SB Metallic Series

Warren Rupp, SA, SB, Metallic, SeriesThe Warren Rupp SA and SB Metallic Series Pump is flap valve design recommended for slurries and liquids with suspended solids up to 3” diameter. Sizes range from 1” to 4”. Flap-valves allow passage of suspended line-size solids without damage. Variable discharge porting options available on the 1? pump model.

The SB Metallic Series is ball valve design ideal for all liquids — thin to viscous — and can handle small solids. Sizes range from 1” to 4. Ball valves, available in various elastomers and Virgin PTFE provide superior suction lift capability. Variable discharge porting options and materials available.

Applications Include

  • Pumping Chemicals Sealess Pump g,

  • Pumping Glycol

  • Pumping Oil

  • Sump Aplications

  • Pumping Produced Water

  • Pumping Paint

  • Pumping Adhesives

  • Pumping Slurries

  • Utility Pump

Interchangeable With

  • Versamatic

  • Wilden

  • Yamada

  • ARO

  • Graco

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