Wilden® BRAHMA Flap Valve Pump

Wilden, BRAHMA, Flap Valve, PumpThe Brahma pump has a unique top inlet and bottom discharge orientation, and uses flap valves to allow the passage of large size solids. It features bolted construction and the ability to pass certain solids up to 51 mm (2"). The top inlet and bottom discharge orientation and large flow through design eliminate the possibility of blockage in the wetted path area of the pump due to settling of solids.

The Brahma pump uses the traditional Turbo-Flo air distribution system (ADS). The Turbo-Flo ADS has evolved over the past 50 years and has proven itself in numerous industrial applications. The Turbo-Flo ADS is the perfect compliment to this new pump. It is easy to maintain, externally serviceable and is completely submersible, this allows the Brahmato be used in harsh environments such as mine dewatering.

It is constructed of rugged aluminum wetted components and available with neoprene or buna-N elastomers.

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