Wilden® Saniflo™ HS Hygienic Series Pump

Wilden, Saniflo, HS, Hygienic, Series, Pump Wilden, Saniflo, HS, Hygienic, Series, Pump

Wilden is a global leader in sanitary and bio-pharmaceutical pumps and offers a wide range of solutions for various food, beverage, dairy, personal care and biopharmaceutical applications. Wilden’s Saniflo™ hygenic series pumps have been engineered to the meet the highest standards and requirements in the industry including: EHEDG, 3A, CE, ATEX, USP Class VI, and FDA CFR 21.177. Wilden’s premiere sanitary and bio-pharmaceutical pumps have the versatility you require, safety you need and the capability of efficiently pumping a wide range of viscosities, solids and shear sensitive products. Wilden’s Saniflo™ hygenic series pumps are offered with passivated stainless steel components, available in multiple sizes and with various surface finishes. As the global leader in AODD pumps we are committed to your industry. Wilden understands that safety, performance, hygienic requirements and the careful transfer of your products are essential when choosing process equipment.


  • Pro-Flo V ADS

  • Sanitary & Hygienic Applications

  • Delicate / Shear Sensitive Product Handling

  • Integral Piston Diaphragm Options

  • Multiple Sanitary Elastomers Available

  • Superior Product Containment

  • Swivel Stand Available

  • CIP

  • Multiple Certification Levels available

Tech Data

  • Sizes available 38 mm (1.5") through 76mm (3")

  • 316L stainless steel wetted components

  • Contact survaces with Ra 0.8 m (32 -in)

  • Valve options available: ball, mushroom, flap

  • Tri-Clamp style connections

Performance Data

  • Max flow rates 867 lpm (229 gpm) - Valve Ball)

  • Max suction lift:  Dry: 5.5 m (19.2')  Wet: 9.3 m (30.6') - Valve Ball

  • Max size solids 51 mm (2") - Flap Valves

Wilden Saniflo HS Hygienic Series Pump Catalogue