Gamajet 88 Tank Cleaning System

Gamajet 88, Tank Cleaning SystemThe Gamajet 88 Tank Cleaning System is the only cleaning system available that can ensure complete interior cleaning of any size OTR food grade tanker. Using two proven Gamajet E-Z8 cleaning machines, the Gamajet 88 will powerfully clean the tanker - especially the notoriously hard-to-reach upper bulkheads.

Jets are directed in a 360 degree pattern, with the two spinners positioned to ensure a 90 degree angle of impingement at the bulkheads for the best cleaning effect. Cleaning on every rotation, the 88 eliminates residual materials and the potential for bacterial growth.

By using two lightweight E-Z8s, the Gamajet 88 Tank Cleaning System weighs the same and requires the same flow and pressure as a single conventional spinner, yet still provides all the force you need to clean. This can only be done with the E-Z8 from Gamajet!

Operating Range:

Pressure: 50 to 750+ PSI (3.5 to 50.0+ kg/cm2)
Temperature: 32 to 250F (0 to 121 C)
Flow Rate: 20 to 80+ GPM
Wash Cycle Time: 8 to 15 minutes


Height: 10.75" (27.37 cm)
Body Diameter: 2.38" (6.7 cm)
Clearance: 4" (10.16 cm) minimum passageway I.D.
Weight: 9.5 pounds (4.31 kg) 

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Gamajet 88 Tank Cleaning System