Gamajet Gamavac Self-Contained Vacuum System

Gamajet,Gamajet Gamavac Self-Contained Vacuum System making your current cleaning system the standard of cleaning convenience is as simple as adding a Gamavac.

The Gamajet Gamavac Self-Contained Vacuum System is a self-contained vacuum system that is easily incorporated with your existing cleaning fluid supply. It can be used to empty the wine from your barrels and will extract the lees and then the waste cleaning solution concurrently with the wash cycle. The custom extractor wand (or flexible braided s/s hose) is simply inserted along with the All-in-One FLEX* to fully clean and extract the cleaning solution.

A handy transport cart houses the vacuum unit and all necessary hoses and fittings, and is easily moved directly to the barrel racks.


Length: 21 (53.34 cm)
Width: 17.5 (44.45 cm)
Height: 49 (1.24 m)
Weight: 74 lbs (33.57 kg)
Pressure: 5 to 100 psi (.34-6.89 bar)
Air Requirements: 20 psig, < 5 scfm
Temperature: up to 180F (82C)
Flow Rate: 0 to 28 gpm (0-106.0+ lpm)

* Systems may be purchased without the All-in-One FLEX if desired.

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Gamajet Gamavac Self-Contained Vacuum System