Gamajet HD Barrel Blaster

Gamajet, HD, Barrel BlasterThe new Gamajet HD Barrel Blaster combines high performance impingement cleaning with Heavy-duty construction for dramatically increased durability. It provides 3 times longer service life than the best existing cleaning machine, in a design that eliminates unnecessary weight without sacrificing reliability.

The fluid-driven HD Barrel Blaster requires no external power supply and features the same impingement cleaning technology and performance as the widely recognized Gamajet E-Z7 Barrel Blaster. It also combines heavy-duty stainless steel construction with a larger gear train (that remains outside the barrel during cleaning) to provide exceptional durability. With a single insertion you can achieve 100% cleaning effectiveness quickly and easily.

The HD Barrel Blaster is easily attached to a bi-pod mount for traditional bung hole down cleaning. A ball valve attached to the mount allows for convenient water control directly from the bi-pod. Useable with all existing storage/rack systems, the HD Barrel Blaster provides exceptional barrel cleaning convenience. Users can reliably clean barrels without ever lifting a barrel.


Material of Construction: 316 Stainless Steel
Nozzle Sizes: Range from .07 to 2.0 (1.7 - 2.0 mm)

Pressure Range: 100 - 1,000 psi (6.89 - 68.95 bar)
Temperature: Up to 190 F (87.78 C)
Flow Range: 3 - 8 gpm (11.35 - 30.28 lpm)
Wash Cycle Time: 2 minutes - 4 minutes (delivers a thorough rinse in less than a minute)
Effective Cleaning Range: Up to 5 (1.5 m)
Weight:  5.5 lbs. (2.49 kg)
Length: 12.75" (32.4 cm)
Minimum Entry Opening: 1-3/4 (4.5 cm)
Inlet Connection: 3/8 (1.27 cm)
Inlet Connection: 1/2 NPT - Female

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Gamajet HD Barrel Blaster