Gamajet IX Tote Blaster Tank Cleaning System

Gamajet, IX, Tote Blaster, Tank Cleaning SystemThe Gamajet IX Tote Blaster is a totally new tank cleaning system that has fewer parts, is highly durable, provides superior performance, and is the lowest priced impingement cleaner available today!

Like other high-quality Gamajet machines, the Gamajet 9 Tote Blaster is fluid-driven and can fit through small openings to enable easy cleaning of both small and large tanks. The Tote Blaster's 360º spray pattern provides thorough scouring in one cleaning cycle, reducing operating time and costs.

Fewer parts means fewer breakdowns and lower maintenance costs. Coupled with Gamajet's renowned product quality, the revolutionary Gamajet 9 Tote Blaster's designed-in durability allows its use in rugged applications in the harshest environments.

Operating Specifications

Pressure: 50 to 1000+ PSI (3 to 69 bar)
Temperature: 32º to 250ºF (0º to 121º C)
Flow Rate: 4 to 30+ GPM (15.14 to 113.56 l/min)
Wash Cycle Time: 4 to 15 minutes


Height: 8.75" (22.3 cm)
Body Diameter: 1.80" (4.57 cm)
Clearance: 2.76" (7.01 cm) minimum passageway I.D.
Weight: 5 pounds (2.27 kg)

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Gamajet IX Tote Blaster Tank Cleaning System