Gamajet Portable Restroom Cleaning System

Gamajet, Portable, Restroom, Cleaning SystemForget about flying waste from power spraying, and stop hand brushing interiors and holding tanks. An investment in a Gamajet Portable Restroom Cleaning System will get your restrooms (including the holding tank) quickly and easily cleaned, and save you significant time and money.

The Gamajet 9 Cleaning System gives you a better way to clean that eliminates the problems you and your employees face when using out-of-date, old fashioned cleaning methods. The system will quickly pay for itself in higher employee morale and retention, lower operating costs, faster turnarounds and happier customers.

With the NEW Gamajet 9 you can now:

  • Eliminate Hand Brushing and Waste Exposure

  • Clean with the Door Closed

  • Fully Clean the Holding Tank

  • Accommodate both Yard and Field Service Locations

  • Purchase a System or Individual Components

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Gamajet Portable Restroom Cleaning System