Gamajet PTC Portable Tank Cleaner

Gamajet, PTC, Portable, Tank CleanerThe principle of Gamajet's new PTC is simple - put a high-performance rotary tank cleaner together with everything else you need to clean all sizes of tanks and totes, place it all in an easily-moved cart and clean your tanks in-place!

What you have is the Gamajet PTC Portable Tank Cleaning System - pump, hoses, inlet adapters, filters and a Gamajet rotary impingement cleaning machine, all mated together on a go-anywhere cart.

Take your system with you and eliminate the need to struggle with hoses, cords and cleaning machines.

You'll find you can't beat the system's cleaning effectiveness or its unmatched convenience.

The Gamajet PTC Portable Tank Cleaning System Includes: Pump, Hoses, Inlet Adapters, Filters and your choice of high-performance Gamajet cleaning machines; all mounted on an easily-moved transport cart.

  • High Performance

  • Unmatched Durability

  • Easily Maneuvered Cart

  • High Pressure - Low Flow

  • Integrated Pump System

The Gamajet PTC can also be provided with an integrated on-board supply tank for cleaning smaller-sized tanks and vessels.

An air-operated PTC is available for solvent cleaning applications and other environments where an electric powered unit may present the risk of explosion.

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Gamajet PTC Portable Tank Cleaner