Gorman-Rupp RP Series Priming Assisted Pumps

RP Series, Redi-Prime, Priming Assisted, Pumps, Gorman-RuppGorman-Rupp's priming assisted pumps are the perfect solution for sewage bypass operations, construction site dewatering and other applications where intermittent flow can be a problem. These units feature a patented positive priming system that virtually eliminates leaks, reducing environmental concerns and giving the unique capability to operate under flooded-suction staging conditions.

The Redi-Prime priming system is specifically designed with the environment in mind. By incorporating a positive sealing float box and an integrally mounted diaphragm vacuum pump into the priming assembly, environmental contamination associated with the priming system is virtually eliminated. Models are engineered with highly efficient, enclosed impellers, with some models featuring double volutes increasing performance far beyond many competitor’s pumps. Size: 3" (75 mm), 4" (100 mm), 6" (150 mm), 8" (200 mm), 10" (250 mm), 12" (300 mm), 16" (400 mm); Max Capacity: 17,800 GPM (1123 lps); Max Head: 490' (149 m); Max Solids: 4.5" (114 mm); Max Temperature: 160º F (71 C); Materials of Construction: Cast Iron.

  • Dry Run Capability: The Redi-Prime® dry run system uses an auxiliary gland which provides containment for an application-specific lubricant present at the inside diameter of the mechanical seal faces. This lubricant revents dry running of the seal faces while priming, re-priming and standby. The dry run gland is connected to a lubricant reservoir so shaft rotation provides circulation and cooling of the lubricant.

  • 2 Year Warranty: Gorman-Rupp's Redi-Prime® pumps are designed and engineered for the most rugged and demanding construction applications. All Redi-Prime pumps are backed by an industry-leading two year warranty.

  • Extended Seal Life: The Cyloseal® design has proven itself in the toughest applications from sewer bypass in mining applications - in some cases more than tripling the normally expected mechanical seal life.

  • High Efficiency Impeller: Enclosed impellers, with some models utilizing double volutes increasing performance beyond many competitor models. Impeller backvanes and unique deflector vanes assist in removing solids ad abrasive materials from the seal area.

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