Gorman-Rupp Reliasource Sewage Lift Stations and Pumps

Gorman-Rupp ReliaSource Submersible Pump Packaged Lift Stations

The unique, NFPA 820-compliant Gorman-Rupp ReliaSource Above-Ground Submersible Valve Package (ASVP) System can revolutionize your submersible pump applications. By placing controls and valves above ground in a compact and durable fiberglass enclosure, the ASVP System eliminates the need for a separate valve pit. As a result, you’ll reduce site space requirements, dramatically reduce installation time and associated costs, and improve worker safety by eliminating the need for service personnel to enter hazardous, confined spaces. Like all Gorman-Rupp ReliaSource submersible pump packaged systems, the ASVP System can be customized to accommodate your pumping requirements. And you can count on it deliver reliable, trouble-free solids-handling performance year after year.