SUMMIT 2796 Self-Priming Process Pump

Summit 2796 Self-Priming Process Pumps Priming Cycle: lower volute provides intake as upper volute discharges liquid and entrained air into separation chamber. Air seperates from liquid and is expelled through pump discharge while liquid is recirculated into lower volute. Pumping Cycle: After all air has been removed from suction and liquid fills the impeller eye, the pump is fully primed, functioning as a conventional centrifugal pump withboth upper and lower volutes performing as discharges. An adequate volume of liquid is always retained in pump, even if liquid is allowed to drain back to source.

2796 Self-Priming Process Pump Features:

  • Semi-Open Non-Clogging Impeller

  • Back Pull-Out Design utilizing ANSI bearing frame - this allows easy esternal axial impeller adjustment

  • Inpro® seal bearing isolators are standard.

Materials of Construction:

  • Ductile Iron

  • 316 Stainless Steel

  • CD4MCu.

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