Vertical Centrifugal Turbine Pump Patterson PVT Series

Vertical, Centrifugal, Turbine, Pump, Patterson PVT SeriesThe PVT Pump is one of the latest additions to the Patterson product line. It was designed by Patterson with over 50 years of vertical pump experience behind it.

These pumps employ the latest design concepts and engineering technology in producing highly efficient pumps that are adaptable in a variety of industrial, municipal and power applications, including fire pumps. They can be staged as necessary to meet desired pressure requirements.

Minimum floor space is required, and the pumps operate in low NPSHA applications. Patterson currently offers 12" through 40" bowls, providing the capability to handle flows in excess of 30,000 GPM. Custom units are available upon request.

Standard construction offers cast iron discharge heads from 6" to 14", with fabricated steel column, stainless steel head and bowl shafts, alloy steel line shaft and cast iron bronze fitted bowls. Open line shaft construction is standard. Special construction requiring stainless steel or aluminum bronze is available, and fabricated steel heads in lieu of cast iron are available in both above and below grade discharge configurations.

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