Submersible Trash Pumps - Warren Rupp Sludgemaster

Submersible Trash Pumps, Warren Rupp, SludgemasterThe Sludgemaster submersible, air-powered trash pump handles mud, leaves, twigs, sand, sludge, trash-laden water and soft solids to 1.5" (3.8cm). High capacity - low head. It weighs only 59 pounds (26kg), and can fit through an opening as small as 14" (35cm). Sturdy construction for rough handling and long life. Optional rock screen available.

  • Immediate ease of use,simply hook up compressed air supply, lower through man hole, into sump or fluid to be pumped. No fuel tanks to run empty, no gas cans to carry, no electrical connections, no electric motors to overload.

  • Keeps pumping without cloggingon most problem jobs. Won't choke up on small trash. Can run dry with no damage.

  • Self-drainingto prevent damage in below freezing weather.

  • Self-priming

  • High capacity, low head operationto meet nearly every emergency or daily use application.

  • Continuous automatic lubricatinginternal oiler, oil-batch-lubricated shaft seal; needs only 1 pint (.47 liter) every 50 hours of use.

  • Foolproof designhas two vane, low speed, trash-type cast iron impeller that handles abrasive substances with less wear.

  • Sturdy buildfor rough handling and long life endurance on land, sea or offshore

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Sludgemaster Submersible Pump