Gear Pumps From Shertech

Gear Pumps, ShertechSherTech gear pumps have various capabilities including flow rates up to 24 gpm, pressures up to 200 psi, fluid temperatures up to 400º F and viscosities up to 100,000 SSU.

Both close-coupled and pedestal-mounted pumps are offered in three materials of construction. 316 Stainless Steel can be specified for pumping clean, hard-to-transfer, high-temperature and/or highly-corrosive liquids. Cast iron and bronze meet the requirements of transferring a broad range of non-abrasive fluids, including oil and water-based fluids, respectively. Two gear types are available, spur (or straight) and helical. Spur gears provide excellent suction lift and are great for water or light oils. Helical gears have a non-clogging design and are capable of handling higher viscosity fluids.

SherTech pumps are simple in construction, with a minimum number of moving parts for less maintenance and longer life. Design features include mechanical seals, seal chambers with flush ports, oversized carbon graphite bushings, integral ball bearings and piston relief valves. Regardless of the SherTech pump series you select from, our team of customer service representatives and engineers are available to provide innovative solutions to your most complex pumping problems. We want to maximize your success.

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