GlobalGear® Process Pumps From Tuthill

GlobalGear, Process Pumps, TuthillTuthill’s GlobalGear® was developed based on customer input, and customer input in the process industries clearly points to the need for better gear pump reliability and specifically better seal reliability. The opportunity for better reliability is created by the situation that many pumps applied on viscous liquids are fundamentally designed for packing and later adapted to mechanical seals. In many cases, the seals being selected were designed for use with water-like liquids. Pumps designed for packing combined with mechanical seals designed for thin liquids are no match to offer extended reliability with demanding viscous liquid applications.

GlobalGear® design features for extended seal life include:

  • Oversized shaft and bearing diameters in sizes 120 thru 550

  • Large bore size for stuffing boxes

  • Pressurized fluid paths for seal lubrication

  • Options for viscous liquid duty seals

GlobalGear® builds on a time-tested design and more than 80 years of gear pump engineering experience. Capable of tackling the toughest highviscosity applications, the GlobalGear® Process Pump handles everything from bulk transfer, chocolate and asphalt, to hightemperature fluids and chemical processing.

GlobalGear® uses robust pump design together with tougher and stronger materials to make the pump last longer. When maintenance is required, in-line seal maintenance and back pull-out features are available to make the servicing of the pumps quicker and easier. The result? An unbeatable pump that offers unparalleled performance.

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