L & C Series Rotary Gear Pumps From Tuthill

L & C Series, Rotary Gear Pumps, TuthillThe L & C Series cast iron positive displacement rotary gear pumps have been the industry standard for Lubrication & Circulation for over 75 years. They were originally designed under James B. Tuthill, the company's founder, in the 1920s. For eight decades, Tuthill has worked to improve these pumps to fit an ever-growing range of lubrication applications. The result is a family of reliable internal gear pumps that are ideal for custom OEM lubricating, low pressure hydraulic, transfer, circulating, burner oil and many other industrial pump applications.

L & C Series Rotary Gear Pumps:

Flexibility and Reliability to Meet Your Needs!

L & C series rotary gear pumps are precisely machined and assembled with only two moving parts, so they achieve and retain their reliability over a wider range of viscosities than
alternative pump designs. They are also available with Tuthill's unique reversingfeature, as well as mounting, driving and sealing options to suit all your applications.

L & C Series Rotary Gear Pumps are a Match For Many OEMS.

Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide incorporate Tuthill internal gear pumps into their products for lubrication and transfer service. This widespread acceptance is a result of product performance and reliability. It is also a result of the Tuthill Business System. The process begins with listening to the wants and needs of our customers and the marketplace. This enables us to quickly engineer customized solutions that provide maximum value and have made us the leading source for custom OEM positive displacement pumps.

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