Discflo Sanitary Pumps

Discflo offers two lines of sanitary pumps, the SP Series and MIS Series. Both series meet 3-A sanitary and international hygiene standards and USDA requirements. They can be supplied in Clean-in-Place or Steam-in-Place versions, and in a variety of metallurgies to meet the user's requirements.

Discflo, Sanitary Pumps, SP, MIS, SeriesSP Series

Discflo's SP sanitary pumps use the unique non-impingement Discpac technology to pump delicate fluids, e.g. soft foodstuffs (corn, fruit, etc) and pharmaceutical products, without damage, and handle shear sensitive fluids, such as citrus oils, without emulsification. The user benefits not only from lower pump operating costs, but also from higher processing yields and better quality product.

Discflo, Sanitary Pumps, SP, MIS, SeriesMIS Series

The MIS line of centrifugal pumps offers users a heavy-duty, easy-to-clean unit at a very competitive price. Using a unique impeller with an integral inducer, the MIS pump can operate at lower positive suction heads for the same flow rate than other centrifugal pumps.

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Discflo Sanitary Pumps