Flat Spray Nozzles From John Brooks Company Limited

Flat spray nozzles from John Brooks Company Limited feature standard design flat spray nozzles, deflected fan flat spray nozzles, wide angle flat fan spray nozzles, high pressure wash flat spray nozzles. All flat spray nozzles feature one-piece construction with no internal parts.

Flat,Spray,Nozzles,DeflectedStandard Design Flat Spray Nozzles

UJB flat spray nozzles feature one-piece construction with no internal parts. They are available in a wide range of capacities from less than 0.1 USgpm to over 200 USgpm per nozzle. Spray angles vary from 0 degrees solid stream to 120 degrees. The tapered flat fan design can produce even flow coverage over wide areas by overlapping the spray patterns of adjacent nozzles on a pipe header.

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Flat,Spray,Nozzles,DeflectedDeflected Fan Flat Spray Nozzles

The precise alignment of the nozzle orifice with the deflector surface, and the low deflected angle produce a spray pattern with a narrow spray angle. (Choice of 15 to 50 degrees). Due to the thin line of the pattern, impact is higher than standard flat fan nozzles. A relatively large orifice is resistant to clogging.

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Flat,Spray,Nozzles,DeflectedWide Angle Flat Fan Spray Nozzles

The KJB series of flat fan spray nozzles produce a wide, low impact spray. The circular orifice is relatively resistant to clogging. the deflector surface is machined to align precisely with the nozzle orifice to produce a high quality spray pattern. The orientation of the spray pattern relative to the nozzle pipe connection axis provides extra wide spray coverage at minimal spray stand-off distances.

Flat,Spray,Nozzles,DeflectedHigh Pressure Wash Flat Spray Nozzles

These high pressure wash flat spray nozzles are specifically designed for use on high pressure washing equipment. They produce a flat fan spray pattern with even distribution across the width of the pattern. The thickness of the pattern band is kept tight so as to maximize the impact on the surface being cleaned. A guide vane is inserted in the nozzle throat to eliminate any turbulence that might be present. Spray angles range from 0 degrees (solid stream) to 65 degrees, and flow rates from 1 to 45 gallons per minute at 1000 psi. Most sizes are available with a choice of either 1/8" or 1/4" NPT pipe connection. Nozzles are made from hardened stainless steel for maximum wear resistance.

Flat Spray Nozzles From John Brooks Company Limited