Full Cone Spray Nozzles

Full Cone Spray Nozzles are one of the most versatile types and are used in countless appplications in all industries. They are available in many variations of full cone spray patterns, from narrow - high impact 15º round spray used for tough cleaning applications, to a light impact, extra wide angle rectangular spray used for rinsing delicate products such as soft fruit. Flow rates range form tenths of gallons per minute, to deluge sprays of thousands of gallons per minute, and everything in between.

Full,Cone,Spray,Nozzles,MaximumStandard Full Cone Spray Nozzles  

Standard Type GJB and GGJB are three-piece spray nozzles. The cap and internal helical vane can be removed for cleaning or replacement without disturbing the pipe connection of the nozzle body. As the cap and vane are the main wear parts, this makes maintenance easy. The spray pattern is circular with spray angles in the 50 to 90 degree range. Pipe connections sizes are from 1/8" to 1/2" in male and female NPT and ANSI flanged connections for the larger pipe sizes. 

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Full,Cone,Spray,Nozzles,MaximumMaximum Free Passage Full Cone Spray Nozzles

Maximum Free Passage full cone spray nozzles are designed for maximum clog resistance. The modified internal vanes which form the full cone pattern, have the largest free passage size of any of the full cone spray nozzles. They can handle solids of 2 to 3 times the diameter of those that will pass through standard full cone spray nozzles of the same capacity. This enables them to be used reliably with liquids containing solid particulate. Care has been taken to ensure that the more open vane design does not compromise the spray pattern quality. They produce a circular full cone pattern with standard or wide spray and a choice of spray angles fro 30  to 120.

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Full,Cone,Spray,Nozzles,MaximumSpiral Design Full Cone Spray Nozzles

Spiral full cone spray nozzles are designed to provide a full cone spray pattern without the restriction of an internal vane. By positioning the "vane" outside the nozzle, the maximum free passage - or the ability to pass solids - can be increased. This feature makes the spiral full cone nozzles especially well suited for applications where solids may be present in the liquid being sprayed. For example, recirculated wash water, or some chemical scrubbing applications using slurries. The clog resistance provides performance reliability in critical applications such as fire suppression and prevention, where nozzles are inactive most of the time, but when activated the must operate without fail, even with dirty water.

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Full Cone Spray Nozzles From John Brooks Company Limited