Liquid Filtration Systems

Liquid,Filtration,Systems,John,Brooks,Company,Limited Liquid Filtration Systems are designed to save you time, money and improve your product quality.

With over 50 years experience in designing large and small liquid filtration systems, we can help you analyze your filtration requirements and provide you with a complete solution to meet your needs.

Our JB Liquid Filtration System can include the following components:

  • Filter/Strainer

  • Pump

  • Skid

  • Piping

  • Controls

  • Tanks

And meet the following requirements:

  • Absolute or Nominal Efficiency Ratings

  • From sub-micron to 1000 microns

  • Self-Cleaning Strainers /Filters

  • Filtration of any liquid including viscous liquids

Our complete line of filtration and pump products makes us a risk free single source for all your fluid handling system requirements.

Liquid Filtration Systems from John Brooks Company Limited