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Midget Model 277 Pneumatic Indicator

The Midget Model 277 Pneumatic gauge provides an economical way to achieve reliable and accurate tank gauging in vented tanks. Pneumatic gauges have been used for many years in tank gauging systems requiring remote indication with accuracy and stability over wide temperature ranges. These gauges are supplied with custom dials, depending on the application. Dial scales may be manufactured to indicate proportional (i.e. E, ¼, ½, ¾, F), litres, gallons, feet & inches, percentage of full and dual scale.

The Model 277 Midget Levelometer is recommended for tank capacities up to 5000 gallons. The maximum tank height is 10 feet. Its 3 ½" (90°) dial provides up to 50 graduations and is generally accurate to ± 2%.

Ktech,Industrial,Products,Inc,float switches,alarms,pump controllers

Model AL101 Indoor Alarm

The Model AL101 accepts a switch contact input and provides an audible alarm signal when the external contact is closed. a red lighted push-button provides the visual alarm indication. The push-button is a momentary switch that, when pressed, mutes the buzzer. The red light remains on until the alarm condition is corrected. The alarm circuit resets automatically. Use Ktech float switches for the alarm input contacts. The relay output contact corresponds to the input alarm contact.

Ktech,Industrial,Products,Inc,float switches,alarms,pump controllers

Liquid Level Float Switches

Liquid Level Float Switches from Ktech Industrial Products Inc., are top-mounted with between one and four setpoints. A single point sensor may be used to provide a high or low level alarm contact. Liquid Level Float Switches are factory-sealed and explosion-proof. They are approved for hazardous locations, Class 1, Division 1, Groups B, C, D. Explosion-proof housings are an optional accessory.

Ktech,Industrial,Products,Inc,float switches,alarms,pump controllers

Pump Controllers

Ktech Industrial Products Inc., Pump Controllers are installed to automatically operate a pump to control the level of a liquid in a tank.
Pump Controllers are used in conjunction with Ktech Multi-Level Float Switches. Use two contacts to start and stop the pump. A relay circuit switches power to the fractional horsepower pump motor or to the three-phase contactor of a large pump motor. Similarly, the switch contacts can be used to operate solenoid valves.

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Ktech Industrial Products Inc., is a manufacturer of float switches, alarms and pump controllers. We provide liquid level control solutions for industrial, petroleum,chemical and food equipment applications.



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Liquid level control solutions for industrial, petroleum,chemical and food equipment applications. Ktech Industrial Products Inc., also manufacturers Float Switches, Levelometers, Pump Controllers and Vacuum Switches.

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