Close,Focus,Monoculars,Built-in Scale,Oakton,Instruments

Close Focus Monoculars with Built-in Scale from Oakton Instruments

Close Focus Monoculars with Built-in Scale

Use for macroscopic quality control or inspection procedures.

Close,Focus,Monoculars,Built-in Scale,Oakton,Instruments

Close,Focus,Monoculars,Built-in Scale,Oakton,Instruments
Adjustable focus distance from one foot to infinity
Close,Focus,Monoculars,Built-in Scale,Oakton,Instruments
Visually confirm accuracy with built-in reticle reference

Specwell close-focus monoculars with reticles are ideal for quality control and inspection procedures. Select cross hair or circle-angle reticles.


These monoculars are constructed of durable aluminum and plastic. Eyepieces have a soft edge for comfort and safety. Monoculars include protective lens covers and a hard carrying case.

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Close,Focus,Monoculars,Built-in Scale,Oakton,Instruments Specwell Microscopes and Telescopes Product Bulletin

As a microscope Magnification (highest)
WD-03098-00: 35x
WD-03099-00: 25x
As a microscope Field of view (max.)
7.0 mm
As a microscope Working distance
WD-03098-00: 2.5"
WD-03099-00: 3.1"
As a telescope Magnification (highest)
As a telescope Field of view (max.)
As a telescope Close focus distance
Object lens aperture
20 mm
3.6" x 1.3" (9.1 x 3.3 cm)
Shipping weight
0.3 lb (0.2 kg)

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