Aspirator Pumps from Oakton Instruments

Aspirator Pumps from Oakton Instruments are water-efficient, portable pumps that will create a vacuum anywhere!



Aspirator,Pumps,Oakton,Instruments Generates a strong, pulseless vacuum, up to 29.5"
Aspirator,Pumps,Oakton,Instruments Unique recirculation system: large portable 10-liter reservoir recirculates water, reduces waste and saves money
Aspirator,Pumps,Oakton,Instruments Cleaner and more economical than oil pumps- no messy, costly oil changes
Aspirator,Pumps,Oakton,Instruments Easy to use, simply fill the tank and turn on the pump
Aspirator,Pumps,Oakton,Instruments Quiet, clean, efficient operation
Aspirator,Pumps,Oakton,Instruments For some applicaitons there is no need for a cold trap because large water tank dilutes condensate from vapors
Aspirator,Pumps,Oakton,Instruments Built in overflow port and gravity drain

Our simple-to-use aspirator pumps create a strong vacuum for an economical price. The OAKTON aspirator pump features an air suction rate of 12 to 14 liters per minute at each of its two ports. These portable instruments contain a built-in circulating pump that continuously forces water across a series of venturies for quiet, clean, and efficient operation. Use the built-in water tank to eliminate water waste, or connect the pump to a faucet for continuous water feed.

These pumps have a two-compartment design that allows easy access to the water tank. The built-in overflow port and gravity drain lets you connect your pump to a tap for easy water changes. Two independent suction ports allow user to operate two separate systems, or connect ports with a Y-connector to increase free air capacity for a single system.

Order an optional vacuum regulator for fine vacuum control. An optional four-caster dolly is available for added portability.

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Tech Tip: The economies of tank-style aspirator pumps

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