API-Camille Bauer, GMC Instruments Inc.

In 2002, GMC Instruments of Germany and Absolute Process Instruments, Inc. formed a strategic alliance for their industrial process products. The products manufactured by Camille Bauer in Switzerland are now offered exclusively by the API-Camille Bauer Division of API in North America and will complement and expand the product lines manufactured by API. This partnership will continue the tradition of excellent product support, competitive prices, and fast delivery for these high performance signal conditioning, Kinax position transducers and electric power measurement products.

Signal Conditioners
SINEAX Isolators
SINEAX Signal Splitters & Amplifiers
SINEAX Loop Power Packs
SINEAX Signal Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters
DIN Mount Transmitters
Programmable Temperature Transmitter
Programmable Universal Transmitter
Programmable Universal Transmitter with Alarms
Head Mounted Transmitters
HART Temperature Transmitter
Profibus Temperature Transmitter

    KINAX Position Transducers
Programmable Angular Position Transmitter
Compact Angular Position Transducers
Angular Position Transducers
Heavy Duty Angular Position Transducers
Linear Position Transducers

Electrical Power Measurement
Multi-Function Power Meters & Transducers
SINEAX Power Transducers
SINEAX Current Transducers
SINEAX Voltage Transducers
SINEAX Frequency Transducers
SINEAX Phase Angle (Power Factor) Transducers