1/16 DIN Temperature Controller Minco CT16A

This economical controller packs sophisticated PID control into a compact 1/16 DIN enclosure. A wide range of control modes, sensor input types, and relay or SSR outputs give versatile control of Thermofoil heaters and lets you easily connect to other electronics.

Minco CT16A 1/16 DIN Temperature Controller Information

CT16A Manual

Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagram for the alarm relay
External AC SSR
External DC SSR
External Power Transistor to switch DC power
External Power Transistor in an All-DC system
Internal AC SSR
Internal Mechanical Relay with an AC load
Relay Output, DC to Heater, DC Supply to Controller
Variable AC Autotransformer to Adjust Heater Wattage
Variable AC Autotransformer to Adjust Heater Wattage with a Controller that has a Built-in SSR Output
Wiring Diagram for a Temptran Transmitter with a CT16A


Code for Full-Duplex Mode communications
Code for Half-Duplex Mode communications
Commands for communications

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