Hot Oil Filtration Systems Benefits of Sidestream Hot Oil Filtration

Hot Oil Filtration Systems


Hot oils degrade by thermal cracking and oxidation. The two by-products of oil degradation is sludge and coke due to carbon build-up. These products can collect through-out your system but specifically in pump seals and internals, valves, etc. that result in equipment problems and possibly eventual system breakdown. The continuous contaminant build-up without proper filtration can also be detrimental to heating surfaces of your system, thereby reducing heat transfer efficiency.


The other important factor to consider is additional cost entailed from more rapid hot oil breakdown. This can include not only increased hot oil replacement but higher labor man-hours due to increase maintenance and repair time and the cost of replacement parts such as seals, valves, rotors, and mag-drive canisters thereby costs can quickly become considerable.


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 Filtration Benefits

 Extend Service Life of the Hot Oil

 Reduction of System Maintenance

 Reduction of Wear & Tear on Seals

 Improve Heat Transfer Efficiency

 Reduces Sludge Build-up thereby Improving viscosity of fluid

 Design for Operation up to 6500 F

 Swing-bolt Lid for Easy Cartridge Change out

 Improved Flow-rates/throughput due to reduced contamination build-up


 Typical Unit Dimentions

 Width: 36 inches

 Diameter: 60 inches

 Height: 48 inches

 Available Cartridge Sizes

 100—150 Micron

 75 Micron

 40 Micron

 30 Micron

 20 Micron

 15 Micron

 10 Micron



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