Heat Transfer Fluids Catalog From MultiTherm

MultiTherm LLC has been a leading supplier of efficient, non-hazardous, and non-toxic Heat Transfer Fluids since 1977. With operating temperatures ranging from -15° F to 660° F, MultiTherm can successfully and economically accommodate nearly any customer’s heating and cooling requirements. Furthermore, MultiTherm provides troubleshooting help and a fluid analysis service to determine the physical and chemical condition of the fluid.


MultiTherm is a company uniquely focused on the heat transfer needs of many varied industries. MultiTherm has the necessary experience and knowledge to help solve problems with long lasting solutions. Recognizing that users of thermal fluids are dependent on a high level of support to reduce operating and maintenance problems, MultiTherm is dedicated to superior technical support.


To Download the Heat Transfer Fluid Catalog, please fill out the request form. A MultiTherm representative will then email you the required password. If you have any questions about MultiTherm Heat Transfer Fluids or have problems downloading the catalog, please contact us at 800-225-7440.





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