Hot Water Duct Booster Coils From MultiTherm®

Hot,Water,Duct,Booster,Coils,MultiThermMultitherm ® stocks (36) sizes of (1) row coils and (36) sizes of (2) row coils for duct mounted Hot Water Booster Coils. These sizes range from 6” x 6” to 30” x 60” and are available from 8 fins/inch thru 14 fins/inch. Many are available on a 1 day shipment and all are available on 3-5 day shipments. Hot Water Duct Booster Coils are built with either 1” flanges on all four sides for easy duct mounting or slip & drive casings for insertion into duct. There are multiple feed patterns to matchperformance and pressure drop requirements.

Multitherm® is a leader in building Booster Coils. We recognize that small coils are every bit as important as big coils and when you have a heating problem, it requires an immediate solution.


Please see our website at for a complete list of all available sizes and tube feed choices.


  • More than 50 different sizes stocked

  • One and two row copper tube, aluminum fin type

  • Low pressure steam

  • Shipments in 24 hours


Hot Water Duct Booster Coils

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