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Industrial,Coil,Construction,MultiThermMultitherm® has concentrated on industrial customers for years. We build and design a wide range of Heat Transfer and Air Handling Equipment that can be used in industrial applications for comfort heating/cooling or process jobs. Multitherm is set up to handle industrial customers better than any other company in our industry.


We offer your company the following:


  • Quick shipments on almost all equipment. Multitherm either stocks or offers expedited shipments on Coils, Air Handlers, and Space Coolers.

  • Flexibility in design and size. Multitherm can replace most equipment that you require. We can duplicate size, duty and performance.

  • Competitive pricing. Multitherm® offers a host of great products that will save you time and money by dealing direct with the manufacturer. Multitherm® is a nationwide source for HVAC equipment and our pricing is as good as anyone in the industry.


Please see our website at for a complete list of all available sizes and tube feed choices.


  • For steam heating, hot water or glycol heating, chilled water cooling, refrigerant cooling

  • In a full range of materials including copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and 90/10 Cupro-Nickle

  • Full range of finishes including bare tubes, hot dipped galvanizing, phenolic, Teflon

  • Range of fin designs and spacings

  • Pitched tubes for horizontal and vertical air flow; vertical tube mounting for horizontal air flow

  • Multiple row depths and unlimited heights or length

  • Gas-tight casings for high pressure applications or multiple stacking within breaching or duct


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