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Steam,Coils,Standard,Non,Freeze,MultiThermMultitherm® builds both standard steam and steam distributing coils for HVAC and industrial process applications. Standard steam coils are used when entering air temperatures are 40ºF or above, and are constructed of 5/8” OD tubes. Tube thickness can vary from .025” wall to .049” wall, depending on the duty and steam pressure. Industrial applications might require 90/10 cupro-nickel or even steel or stainless steel tubes. The design of any steam coil is important, because it is imperative that condensate not collect in the coil. Most standard steam coils are opposite end connected and pitched within the casing to expedite condensate removal. It’s also possible to build same end standard steam coils.

Steam distributing coils are tube within a tube design and are often referred to as “non-freeze” coils. This really is a misnomer, because under the right conditions, you can freeze any type of coil. Steam distributing coils are generally used when entering air temperatures to the coil are 40ºF or below. Steam distributing coils can be manufactured in 5/8” OD w/ 3/8” inner tube or 1” OD w/ 5/8” inner tube. Steam is distributed down the inner tube and released periodically to the outer tube where it is returned to the discharge header. The steam and condensate are distributed evenly across the face and tubes of the coil, and the steam in the inner tube keeps the condensate in the outer tube from freezing. 5/8” tubes can be .025” or .035” wall copper and 1” tubes can be .035” or .049” wall copper. When you have an application that requires a lot of outside air or very low air temperatures, you will generate lots of condensate (lbs./hr). Always use a 1” steam coil for preheat applications of this type, because there is more room between the outer and inner tube to evacuate the condensate. Standard and steam distributing. Applications include preheat, boosters, reheat, duct heaters, process air and gas heaters and more.

  • All sizes, shapes, capacities, circuit patterns, fin/tube configurations.

  • Duplication of obsolete coils; custom design for new applications

  • Match existing dimensions and performance for existing coils


Please see our website at for a complete list of all available sizes and tube feed choices. The following pages show casing alternatives.


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