T-Bar Air Conditioning Units From MultiTherm®

T-Bar Air Conditioning Units, MultiThermA T Bar Unit from Multitherm® is the answer to your special cooling and dehumidification needs. And, it fits right into a standard 2’ x 4’ suspended ceiling panel, with no floor space needed. You can install T Bar Units almost anywhere without cluttering up valuable wall, window or floor space. Ceiling installation means you can place a T Bar Unit directly over the area that needs air conditioning without rearranging interior space.


Install or reposition with ease and less cost! Like ordinary window air conditioners, T Bar Units are selfcontained units. There’s no outside condensers to worry about - or interconnecting refrigerant piping, or any centralized ductwork for air distribution.


Spot cooling for any room, any reason. With T Bar Units, you don’t need to be close to exterior walls for outdoor ducting. That means you can install T Bar Units practically anywhere you need spot-cooling and dehumidification - interior offices, computer rooms, booths, communication rooms, libraries, foyers, kitchens, work areas, etc.


T-Bar Air Conditioning Units, MultiThermThe right look for any interior design — almost invisible. The only part of an operating T Bar Unit you see is an attractive louvered grille. No cabinetry, wiring, or piping to clash with your decor. Whether you want spotcooling for a bank lobby or a factory, T Bar Units will fit right in.


Ceiling-to-floor cooling path for efficiency, comfort. T Bar Units direct cooled and dehumidified air exactly where it’s needed. because T Bar Units install in the ceiling - usually the least cluttered of all interior surfaces - you can position each unit directly over the area to be cooled, elininating the obstruction problems encountered with horizontal cooling paths. Side-by-side intake and discharge vents on the T Bar Unit create a highly efficient circular path cycle ideal for open or semi-open areas.


Designed for easy servicing. Side access panels on the T Bar Unit allow quick in-place servicing through adjacent removeable 2’ x 4’ ceiling panels. In addition, a hinged intake grille opens up for quick filter changes and control adjustments.


T-Bar Air Conditioning Units from Multitherm are self contained ceiling units and are the answer to your special cooling and dehumidification needs. And, it fits right into a standard 2' x 4' suspended ceiling panel, with no floor space needed.


T-Bar Air Conditioning Units

T-Bar Air Conditioning Units Installation & Maintenance Instructions


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