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Canadian Registration Number (CRN)

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Canadian Registration Number,CRN


Canadian Registration Number (CRN)

The following Primary Fluid Systems Inc. products are CRN certified for all of Canada:

TOP VALVE: Back pressure and pressure relief valves

AccuPulse: Pulsation Dampeners

PFS Injection Quills

PFS Corporation Stops

For further information on our line of CRN approved products, see our Product Engineering Specification Booklet at click here or contact our office with your application or inquiry.

A Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for a boiler or pressure vessel is defined by CSA B51 Clause 4.3 as:

  • consisting of a letter, four digits, and a decimal point followed by up to ten digits and/or two letters

  • the first letter and four digits are part of a sequential numbering system used by the issuing province or territory

  • the first digit or letter to the right of the decimal point indicates the province that issued the particular number

  • the following identifications are used in accordance with the code:
    1 - British Columbia
    2 - Alberta
    3 - Saskatchewan
    4 - Manitoba
    5 - Ontario
    6 - Quebec
    7 - New Brunswick
    8 - Nova Scotia
    0 (zero) - Newfoundland
    T - Northwest Territories
    Y - Yukon Territory
    N - Nunavut

  • the letter C may follow the designation of first registration if a design is registered in all jurisdictions. No jurisdiction issues the letter C; it is a convenience for stamping once the manufacturer has received all the registrations.

  • to be eligible for use in Alberta, the CRN must have the digit 2 somewhere after the decimal point.

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