History of Primary Fluid Systems Inc.

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History of Primary Fluid Systems Inc.

Primary Fluid Systems Inc., has been in business since 1991, as a supplier of specialty components for the chemical manufacturing industry. During this time Primary Fluid Systems Inc., has supplied such items as in-line static mixers, flow meters, specialty valves and pumps for various chemical applications.

This led to the designing and manufacturing of various complete chemical mixing and dispensing systems, such as our PFS Series of polymer make down systems, gravity feed and mixing systems and sodium silicate activation and mixing systems, all specially designed for various chemical manufacturing clients.

We recognized the need for other specialty components, not readily available or price competitive on the market to help make metering pumps more efficient. Primary Fluid Systems Inc., embarked on the design, manufacture and distribution of a line of metering pump accessories. We discontinued the manufacture of complete metering pump systems, as this was perceived as competition to our potential clients of metering pump accessories.

Primary Fluid Systems Inc., now manufactures a line of accessories designed to enhance the accuracy and safety of metering pump applications.

These products include:

  • TOP VALVE back pressure and pressure relief valves

  • ACCUDRAW® Calibration Cylinders

  • ACCU-PULSE pulsation dampeners

  • PFS Injection Quills

  • Corporation Stops

  • ACCU-VENT automatic degassing valve

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Specializing In Metering Pump Accessories

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