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ACCUDRAW® - Glass, PVC, Polypropylene Calibration Cylinders

Glass, PVC & Polypropylene Calibration Cylinders developed for theaccurate calibration of metering pumps.

  • translucent

  • chemical resistant

  • break resistant

  • threaded or socket

  • colored graduations and lettering

  • PVC sizes 100 - 20000 ml

  • See More Calibration Cylinders

TOP VALVE - Back Pressure and Pressure Relief Valves

Back Pressure and Pressure Relief Valves
Designed to enhance the accuracy and safety of metering pumps.

Accu-Pulse Pulsation Dampeners

ACCU-PULSE Pulsation Dampeners
Developed to remove pulsating flows from positive displacement pumps.

  • increase system efficiency and pump life

  • decrease maintenance and costs

  • protect pipes, meters, valves and instrumentation from pulsation and vibration

  • reduce pressure fluctuations and diaphragm wear

  • See More Pulsation Dampeners

PFS Injection Quills

PFS Injection Quills
Developed to allow chemical injection into the center stream of the flow.

  • 6 materials of construction, 2 standard sizes available 6" or 8"

  • threaded or socket connections

  • built in spring loaded check valve

  • pressure range to 3000 PSIG, temperatures to 260ºC

  • See More PFS Injection Quills

PFS Corporation Stops

PFS Corporation Stops
Designed to inject chemical into the center stream of the flow.

  • isolation valve allows for ease of maintenance

  • available in 6 materials of construction

  • connection in NPT, Metric or flanged

  • PFS Corporation Stops

ACCUVENT® Automatic Degassing Valves

Designed to improve the performance and safe operation of most pumps used for metering applications.

  • CPVC and Viton corrosion resistant wetted materials of construction

  • specially designed float material that automatically vents built up gases on system start up and under working pressure

  • can be used on feed side or discharge side of pump (or both)

  • See More Accuvent®

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