Ramsey BOB II Inventory Management System

Ramsey, BOB II, Inventory, Management, SystemThe Ramsey Bob II Inventory Management System gives you the most reliable, intelligent and rugged inventory and level measurement system on the market today. Its new remote sensor design will provide years of dependable, maintenance-free service. Your process will operate more efficiently and accurately, which will decrease your frustration, save time and increase profits.

Does Your Inventory Measure Up?
Equipped with digital signal processing and advanced electronics, the Ramsey Bob II Inventory Management System provides you with the most communications options on the market: a simple manual interface that can control up to 30 vessels, and an interface that allows you to send and receive information with a PLC/DCS controlled system or a PC/HMI controlled system. The system can be configured to meet your specific application requirements. The Ramsey BOB II is ideally suited for difficult level measurement applications where other level devices cannot work because of dust, vapors, steam and temperature fluctuations

System Features:

  • Repeatable and reliable measurement      

  • Fool-proof mechanical system      

  • Measures up to 180 feet    

  • Requires no field calibration or adjustment      

  • RS-485 digital communication      

  • Unaffected by dust, echo, vapors, temperature and steam      

  • Simple daisy chain wiring makes for easy & inexpensive installation      

  • Minimal operation and maintenance costs      

  • System expandability is quick & easy