Ramsey CAP Series Capacitance Point Level Control

Ramsey, CAP Series, Capacitance, Point, Level, ControlThe Ramsey CAP Series Capacitance Level Control is designed for point level monitoring of solids, fluids or slurries in bins, vessels and chutes. This control can eliminate spills, material waste, and down time by preventing bin overflows, plugged chutes and empty bins. It works equally well as a high or low level indicator with plastics, food, chemicals, mineral slurries or other materials.

The Ramsey CAP Series controls detect the presence or absence of material by sensing a change in capacitance, which is caused by the difference in dielectric constant of the vessel material and air. To detect these small changes, the Ramsey CAP Series sensors use a unique detection circuit that operates at a relatively low frequency level of 6 kHz. Unlike other capacitance sensors, the operating frequency of the Ramsey CAP Series is well below the RF level and is not subject to FCC regulation. These capacitance level controls have a fail-safe feature that eliminates problems caused by power disruptions. Their high/low selector switches allow the sensors to be set for fail-safe at low when material is absent, or at high when material is present. When a power interruption occurs, the control will indicate the condition that the user deems safe for the application.  

Features and Benefits

  • No radio frequency interference   

  • "Quick Set" calibration provides simple selection of detection sensitivity   

  • Calibration stability from -40 to +180 F.   

  • UL Listed/CSA Approved, NEMA 4X, 5, 9 & 12 for NEC Class II, Div. 1 & 2 Gr.. E, F & G   

  • Shielded Delrin Sleeve Probe suitable for most solids, liquids and slurries   

  • No false readings from sidewall build-up   

  • Unsurpassed static discharge protection