Ramsey DTR 131 Flow/No-Flow Detector

Ramsey, DTR, 131Flow, No-Flow, DetectorThe Ramsey DTR 131 Flow/No-Flow Detector is a low-cost, non-invasive, microwave-based instrument that detects and monitors low/no-flow conditions of bulk solids in pipelines, ducts and air-slides, and at transfer points of chutes, conveyor belts and bucket elevators. This real-time flow information allows you to monitor processes closely and leads to increased reliability, higher quality end product, reduced downtime and fewer hazards to jeopardize operators and equipment.

Used for automation purposes, the Ramsey Granuflow DTR 131 and DTR 231 optimize the efficient use of machinery and energy by switching process equipment on or off as required. They have no moving mechanical parts, which eliminates wear and makes the instrument maintenance and trouble-free. Their positive effect on plant efficiency quickly outweighs the investment.

Download Granuflow DTR 131 (237 Kb)