Inventory Management Software from Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Inventory Management Software 

The Inventory Management System (IMS) interfaces with the advanced microprocessor- based Bob II Inventory Measurement System's remote sensors. The Bob II Inventory Measurement System completely ignores dust, echo, vapors, temperature, steam and material densities. It is capable of measuring all liquid, slurry, powder and dry bulk solid applications.

The IMS provides a graphical representation of up to 130 vessels, plus detailed inventory information on each individual vessel.

Windows™ Compatible Inventory Management Software

Thermo Fisher Scientific's Window™compatible IMS interfaces with our Bob II Inventory Measurement System's remote sensors to monitor material level in up to 130 vessels. The powerful software provides a graphical representation of ten vessels per tab and detailed information on a selected single vessel. All measurements are saved in a comma-delimited file with a time and date stamp. Measurements can be taken in feet, yards or meters. Weight can be calculated in pounds, kilograms, tons, metric tons or slugs. Bin inventory and level history are displayed in graphical form and can be printed at any time. This system can be programmed to take automatic measurements at preset intervals and, in the event of an alarm, allows you to send vital information to a pager, e-mail or fax machine. You may also access the IMS from remote locations. The program is compatible with Windows™ 95, 98, 2000 and NT.

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