Ramsey Motion Monitoring Systems Series 60-200

Ramsey, Motion Monitoring Systems, Series 60-20, Thermo, Electron, CorporationRamsey Series 60-200 Motion Monitoring Systems offer a choice of versatile and reliable packages for monitoring underspeed, overspeed and zero speed conditions on various machinery and systems by sensing the speed variations of rotating parts.

Product Detail

Customers can choose from either mechanically coupled (shaft-driven) or non-contacting proximity type sensors, depending on their particular application requirements and design preferences. Either type of sensor can then be tied to the Ramsey 60-200 programmable motion monitor.
Ramsey Model 60-200 Control

The Ramsey 60-200 Programmable Motion Monitor is a versatile microprocessor-based controller that can be used with any Ramsey sensors, or in some cases, as the control device matched with compatible pulse output sensors from other sources.

Programmable Control Features

  • Start-up Delay:  0-99 seconds    

  • Alarm Setpoint(s): 0-160%    

  • Alarm Delay: 0-99 seconds    

  • Restart Mode: Power up, Remote Relay Input    

  • Begin Start-up Delay: Power up, First Pulse    

  • Alarm Reset:  Manual (Latched), Automatic

Ramsey Series 60-200 Motion Monitoring (440 Kb)