Static Weighing With Ramsey Micro-Tech 3000 Series

Static,Weighing,Ramsey,Micro-Tech,3000 SeriesThe Ramsey Micro-Tech 3000 Series of electronic instruments signifies a new approach to scale instrumentation, giving you more flexibility and vastly increased upgrade capabilities. Each model is designed for your specific weighing application, and because all models utilize a common platform, you only need to become familiar with one basic interface.

Product Detail

The Ramsey Micro-Tech series of instruments is suitable for production/consumption monitoring and control in many industries such as mining, cement, coal, ceramics, food, chemicals and more, for applications utilizing:

  • Load cell static weighing systems

  • Grain overload controls

  • Multi-component static batch weighers and feeders

Features Common to All Models

  • Dual Language (English/Second Language). Second Language can be Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Italian. Chinese (Mandarin) available on some versions only.

  • Automatic conversion of data between Metric and English measure units

  • 24 bits A/D converter (more than 16,000,000 intervals)

  • Plug-and-play add-in boards recognition

  • Audit Trail

  • Self diagnostics, alphanumeric alarm messages

  • Panel mount and field mount versions

  • Battery back-up clock calendar for time and date monitoring and printing

Ramsey Micro-Tech 3000 Data Sheet (217 Kb)