Representative Slurry Sampling Station SamStat-20

Representative,Slurry,Sampling,Station,SamStat-20,Thermo,ScientificThe Thermo Scientific SamStat-20 uses a series of tanks featuring fixed and cross cutters and a variable speed mixer to produce a representative sample. A variety of models and options are available to fulfill your sampling requirements, including continuous sampling for an online analyzer, sampling for particle size analysis, outlet distribution and screening of oversized particles. These systems enable improvements in accountability, process efficiency and profitability.

Product Detail

Features and Benefits

  • Lowest head loss of any available metallurgical sampler

  • Designed for high availability and low maintenance

  • Flexible design allows for options including a pebble screen, distributor, or multi-element probe

  • Multiple tanks of varying sizes are used to handle any flow rate

  • Reliable operation—requires little supervision; ideal for large, modern plants

  • Open, visible system—performance can be easily monitored

  • Flange-to-flange supply offers savings in engineering design and construction costs in new plants

  • Kits of key components can be supplied, allowing local fabrication of steel tanks

  • Single or multiple inlets

  • Fixed polyurethane cutters deliver up to four years of performance

Representative,Slurry,Sampling,Station,SamStat-20,Thermo,ScientificModel Details

SamStat-20 Sampling Station

  • Full-flow representative sampling station

  • Uses final stage crosscut sampler for collection of period composite samples

SamStat-20C Continuous Flow Sampling Station

  • Generates a continuous representative flow to the Thermo Scientific Multi-Stream Analyzer

  • One- or two-stage configurations are available

SamStat-20R Reverse-Flow Sampler

  • Provides representative sample for the Thermo Scientific Particle Size Monitor

  • For applications not requiring metallurgical accounting

  • Particle size monitor sold separately

Optional Features

Pebble Screen

  • Designed specifically for cyclone overflow stage of mineral processing

  • Screens full flow in the first stage

  • Automated dump valve opens when triggered; returns oversized particles to the grinding mill

Outlet Distributor

  • Divides outlet flow into two or more separate streams

  • Varying percentages of flow volume can be sent to each stream

Upwelling for Particle Size Analyzer

  • Engineered with correct reverse sampling condition for the Thermo Scientific Particle Size Monitor
    (not included)

Inlet Configurations

  • Single, rear inlet is standard

  • Multiple, rear and top entry inlets are available

Multi-Element Probe

  • An XRF multi-element probe can be added to the final stage of the SamStat-20

  • Recommended on critical streams to provide minute-by-minute composition analysis

  • Refer to the Thermo Scientific AnStat-220 for more details

SamStat Slurry Sampling Station (178 Kb)