Under Speed Switches Ramsey Pro-Line Model 60-23P

Under, Speed, Switches, Ramsey, Pro-Line, Model 60-23P, Under Speed SwitchThe Ramsey Pro-Line Model 60-23P and 60-23PX Under Speed Switches provide a low-cost, dependable, versatile and simple means of monitoring the rotational velocity of a shaft or other rotating equipment.

The Ramsey Model 60-23P Under Speed Switch features one-piece unitized construction. The electronics and output contacts are housed in the same unit with the detector. Only two (2) bolts are required to mount the unit. The non-contacting proximity-type detector has no moving parts. Once the simple installation is completed, the device is virtually maintenance-free.

Two 10-second time delays add important benefits to the package. The first delay prevents nuisance alarms. The second delay accommodates an alarm to normal condition after the under speed status has been corrected.

This switch is housed in a gasketed weather-tight polyammide/fiberglass enclosure (allowing exposure to harsh environments), or a cast aluminum NEMA 9 enclosure for explosion-proof applications.

The unit is ideally suited for a wide variety of industrial applications where the need to monitor for under speed or slippage conditions exist. It may be used on conveyor belts, bucket elevators and other types of rotating equipment.


  • Non-contacting, proximity-type detector provides longer life and lower operating cost   

  • Two-bolt mounting assures simple installation    

  • Single piece construction with no separate control unit    

  • Provides ease in set-up and/or troubleshooting    

  • Rugged Housing: weather-tight, polyammide/fiberglass, sturdy, yet lightweight   

  • No moving parts and longer trouble-free life     

  • Alarm/delay: 10-second delay while rotating equipment reaches operating speed    

  • Alarm to normal delay assures notification when speed drops below adjustable set-point

Download Ramsey Pro-Line Model 60-23P Under Speed Switch (165 Kb)