Side Entry Mixer SFRG Series from Cleveland

Side Entry Mixers, SFRG Series, ClevelandFrom 0.5 to 3HP at 400 RPM shaft speed for smaller tanks

Side-entering mixers SFRG Series work efficiently where a tank is too large for convenient installation of a top-entering mixer, or where headroom is severely limited. Side Entry mixers are less expensive than top entry mixers in large tank installations because the long shafts required by extremely tall tanks are eliminated.

In the case of very large tanks, several smaller side entry mixers may be more efficient and economical than a single, larger unit.

Used effectively where:

  • Head room constraints prevent the use of top entry units

  • Mixing is required only in the bottom portion of a deep tank

  • Large diameter storage tanks

  • Low viscosity blending is required

  • Low capital equipment cost is a governing criteria

All models feature your choice of wetted end materials and the high efficiency XTF-3 hydrofoil impeller for maximum flow with minimal power consumption.


  • 100% Process Guarantee

  • 3 Year Mechanical Warranty

  • Standard ANSI 150# or 300# Flanges from 5” and larger

  • OSHA Approved for Safety


  • Baldor Motors are standard in 115/230/60/1 or 208/230/460/60/3 TEFC

Optional Motors include:

  • 1150 RPM

  • Explosion Proof, Chemical Duty, or High Efficiency

  • 50HZ and other special voltages


  • Specialty Coatings Available including PVC or Rubber Coated Wetted Ends

  • Rigid or Removable Shaft Couplings

  • Lip Seal, Vapor Seal, Low or High Pressure Stuffing Box

  • Single or Double Mechanical Seals; Dry or Wet Running Available