Flange Mount Mixers - Portable Entry, Fixed Entry, Variable Speed Drives

Portable & Fixed Entry Sanitary Mixers

  • Flange Mount Mixers, Portable Entry Mixers, Fixed Entry Mixers, Variable Speed Drives, Cleveland EasternAvailable in both Direct & Gear Driven models, from ¼ to 2 HP

  • USDA Approved

  • 15-32RA finish on shafts and propellers, electroplating available

  • 316SS is standard specification for shafts and impellers

  • Electro-less nickel-plated or epoxy-coated Mixer Housings

  • All Motors are Clean in Place (CIP) design. Motor housings are either Stainless Steel or epoxy coated. Motors are available paint-free or washdown-duty.

  • Gear Reducers are leak proof and furnished with food grade grease.

  • Open tank mounting, ferrule, standard ANSI flange, or Tri-Clover fitting

Closed Tank Mixer Seal Offerings

  • Vacuum Lip Seals

  • Double Mechanical water-flushed cartridge seals

  • Double Mechanical gas-charged cartridge seals

  • Dry running Seals with debris well for flushing

Variable Speed Drives

FDA approved VFD's with stainless steel enclosures are offered for multiple mixing applications in the same tank or for handling sensitive ingredients requiring less agitation.

Additional features include:

  • 100% Process Guarantee

  • 3 Year Mechanical Warranty

  • Gears on FRG Series rated for a minimum service factor of 4.5

  • Standard Anti-vibration mounts on open tank models to dampen vibration & increase mixer life

  • Standard ANSI 150# or 300# Flanges from 5" and larger.

  • OSHA Approved for Safety