PFL Series - Paint Free Sanitary Lab Stirrer from Cleveland

Paint-Free, Sanitary Lab Stirrers, Cleveland EasternThis lab mixer is ideal for product formulation and scale-up in sanitary environments where low shear is desirable. The paint free stainless steel air powered motor is the most compact available and offers ½ HP at 1200 rpm.


  • Mixing and blending of liquids in open top, sanitary or paint free laboratory environments.
  • Ideal for Explosion proof or other hazardous locations.


  • Provides thorough mixing of liquids up to 5-25 gallons


  • Continuous duty
  • A square pitch propeller is available for flow applications in light solutions of 250 cps or less.
  • A radial impeller is available for shear applications.

Materials & Construction

  • 316 Stainless steel, 4" diameter, square pitch propeller
  • 316 Stainless steel shaft 3/8" x 24"
  • Stainless steel C-clamp or ring stand
  • Optional materials such as Hastelloy or Alloy 20, and Teflon, Halar or PVDF coated shaft/impeller are available.


  • Paint Free 300 series stainless bodied, non-reversing Air motor - 1/2 HP with air muffler for quiet operation
  • 30-95 PSI
  • Intake connection 1/4" NPT - female
  • Maximum air consumption: 17.6 CFM @ 95 PSI
  • Lubrication free


  • 3 pounds.


  • Paint free stainless steel ring stand or c-clamp mount.


  • Variable speed by means of a speed control valve, 50 RPM to 1180 RPM
  • Air Filter and regulator available

Inquire for paint-free lab stirrer pricing.  Stand sold separately.

Paint-Free, Sanitary Lab Stirrers, Cleveland EasternPaint-Free, Sanitary Lab Stirrers, Cleveland Eastern

Compact, streamlined design.


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