Tank Car Mixers from Cleveland

Tank Car MixersTank car mixers are used to blend contents of a tank car directly in the car, rapidly and efficiently.

Constructed in 316SS, the mixer is fitted with a mounting flange to bolt directly to the car’s man-way.

Tank car mixers feature a specially designed propeller rotating inside a draft tube. The propeller draws fluid from openings in the side of the housing and forces it through a bi-directional elbow at the bottom. The elbow drives the discharge flow, imparting a powerful lateral movement to the fluid, for complete mixing and uniform heat transfer.

The flow pattern produced by the mixer incites motion even in remote recesses of the tank car. Motors driving the shaft directly via flexible couplings are rated at 5, 7.5 or 10HP, operating at 1750 RPM. Three heavy duty bearings align and support the shaft at specific locations along the draft tube. The lower bearing is lubricated by the contents of the tank, whereas the top bearing handles the propeller thrust load.

Tank Car MixersA lifting eye located at the top of the mixer frame makes installation and removal easy. A clamp is provided to fasten the mounting flange and prevent fumes or odors escaping.

General applications include chemicals, paint, varnish, petroleum-based products, corn syrups and vegetable oils. For animal fats, such as tallow, the mixer can be furnished with heating coils. In cold weather, when the tallow tends to solidify, steam produced by the heating coils melts the tallow. The warmer product is then circulated throughout the tank, speeding up the melting process and reducing unloading time by 50%.