Weighing System Dual Cylinder Scale Eagle Microsystems DCS302

Weighing System, Dual Cylinder Scale, Eagle Microsystems, DCS302A rugged, dependable weighing system for two compressed gas cylinders, providing an independent, accurate and easy-to-read weight on each weigh platform. The DCS302 incorporates advanced features that eliminate most of the problems which plague similar competitive scales.

The scale base is warranted for a full 5 years. The NEMA 4X-housed EI-2000 Dual Channel Indicator Transmitter is provided for local weight display and parameter adjustment


  • Non-corroding, highly impact resistant plastic scale base warranted for 5 years

  • Electronics and environmentally sealed load cells mounted in NEMA 4X enclosure on top of scale base.

  • Sensing elements mounted above weighing surface away from sources of corrosion, and easily accessible for service.

  • Reliable lever type weigh system

  • No long support column eliminates deflection errors

  • Cylinder support bracket and chains wall mounted for added safety (optional)

  • Factory assembled and ready for use

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